The Best Recruiter at Google

Ever thought how do some of the best businesses in the world hire people? How do they find the talent that makes them some of the most successful businesses on the planet? Or do I have what it takes to work for one of these household names? Spare the time and take a look through […]

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How to be tactical with your referees so you get the job!

One of the key parts of the recruitment process is the referencing stage. If you’re going through the process of a permanent appointment, generally you will have been through the initial applicant screening phase, subsequent short-listing for the role and employer interviews. The game of recruitment and employment can largely be summarised around strategy. Good […]

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The importance of a good resume

What’s the big deal about a good resume?

A resume: a simple document that gives a complete stranger an opportunity to learn of your whole working life at a glance. Or at least in theory that’s what it should do. There are things you should include and some things you should exclude and we’ll go over some points to consider in while you […]

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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome 2014 and here is the first post from myself, Shane, at Careers by Shane! I guess an introduction on myself is the first place to start. I am a professional recruiter and careers guy. I’ve been in recruitment since 2004 and have split my professional career between working in Australia and the UK. During […]

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