Pedalling Megaspin_Photo by Cooper Brownlee

Photoshoot with Cooper Brownlee

Coops is possibly one of the busiest dudes in BMX. Not only does he run the Focalpoint BMX media outlet, stone and mag, he is also my team manager at Colony, a photographer, videographer and a pro-rider. He covers all the bases and covers them well. And he’s a top bloke to round it all […]

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Cape Patterson

Landscapes in Gippsland

I’ve been living in Gippsland on the south eastern area of Victoria for coming up to two years now. It’s been an awesome time and in that period I’ve been pretty lucky to travel around, here’s a few shots of the area. You can catch more on my instagram @shanebadman

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Nike Air Flight 89s – straight up

Shoe review: Nike Air Flight 89

Any BMX Flatland rider at any level from beginner through to pro, will tell you that one of the biggest challenges in the game is getting a decent pair of shoes to ride in. Everyone has a different idea of what works and what doesn’t and this is usually pretty heavily influenced by the type […]

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Rubena Dom Tyre

Tyre pressure for BMX Flatlanders

One of the questions that a lot of BMXers get asked is: “how much do you run in your tyres??”. Everyone has a different idea about what is best and what works. While it does come down to personal preference on tyre pressure there are a few things to keep in mind. For a BMX […]

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Always good to roll deep with your crew. Kyoto

Japan Flatark Contest trip – 2014

This trip was a long time in the making. The Australian BMX Flatland crew had been talking for a long time about a trip away. And when I say a long time, I’m talking maybe 10+ years. So with the motivation of Paul Chamberlain who got everyone on board and organised and the final stop […]

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Melbourne Cricket Ground – Aus vs South Africa

KFC T20 cricket demos: Australia vs. South Africa

I’ve done a lot of demos over the years, but this is definitely one of the highlights: international T20 Cricket. Thanks to Shaun Jarvis over at Freestyle Now and Cricket Australia, I had the opportunity to show what BMX and Flatland is to many thousands of people at the grounds (26,000 in Adelaide and 23,000 […]

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You see a lot of this driving in Australia

Australian East Coast BMX Road trip with Andras Pentek

The past winter I had the opportunity to organise one of those epic BMX road trips with one of one of my closest mates from Hungary, Andras Pentek. BMX road trips are always good fun, but when you have good crew involved they become the stuff you look back on in years to come and […]

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